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Keep salting it away
BOSTON (CBS.MW) -- Americans need to be salting away a lot more for their retirement. In fact, a whole lot more than you think.

Here's one estimate: Older Americans need to save 35 percent of income to create the ideal nest egg.

So why are Americans not saving and preparing for their financial future, and what will it take to get Americans to set aside money for their golden years?
02 Apr 2004 by VicLavigne

All About IRA's
The Individual Retirement Account (IRA) brings together two tremendously powerful forces, both of which benefit you: 1) compound interest, and 2) tax savings.

If you've got money that you can afford to invest for the long term, there's really no reason not to open an IRA. Lethargy is not a good reason. Inertia is not a good reason. Keeping your eyes wide shut about your future is not a good reason. Compound interest becomes even more powerful when it is not held back by the drag coefficient of taxes.

Read the entire article here.
21 Mar 2004 by VicLavigne

Wave of Viruses Continues
While hackers bicker back and forth, all users want is an end to the torrent of worms that's ravaged the Internet this week.

While it's not difficult to stymie one worm, it's a different story when that one becomes a tsunami that just keeps coming, security analysts said Thursday as they offered advice. Unfortunately, said Ken Dunham, director of malicious code research at iDefense, "there's no single magic bullet and no comprehensive patch against all of these new worms."

05 Mar 2004 by VicLavigne

Internet Parasites
‘Parasite’ is a shorthand term for “unsolicited commercial software” — that is, a program that gets installed on your computer which you never asked for, and which does something you probably don’t want it to, for someone else’s profit.

Read the entire article here.
04 Mar 2004 by VicLavigne

FBI issues fraud email warning
FBI issues fraud email warning
By Rob Lever in Washington

THE FBI and consumer organisations issued a warning today about a growing fraud scheme involving e-mails that lure people to fake websites to collect sensitive personal or financial data.

The scam involves e-mail that links users to sites that are designed to look like legitimate sites and deceive consumers into revealing credit card or bank account numbers or other sensitive data.
01 Mar 2004 by VicLavigne

Tending Your Computer Security
With new viruses and malware being generated ever week, it's a good idea to update all your security utilities and scan your systems.
29 Feb 2004 by VicLavigne

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